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Senior Roommates “Trial & Tribulations of Later Life Roommates”

The last time I had a roommate I was in college. This is what most of our residents say when they enter a nursing facility. How difficult is it living with someone whether temporarily or long-term who you have never ever met? The answer is “very difficult”. […]

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“Elder Shock” Prepare to be Proactive

Like many Americans you may have moved away from home and family. The holidays may have brought you back, perhaps after the passage more time than you had planned upon. If you were fortunate, both Mom and Dad were there to greet you. However, given demographic reality, […]

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Hi, my name is Alex. This is the first in a series of weekly columns I will be bringing to you with the assistance of my friends and associates – all professionals committed to serving the unique long-term care needs of our older family members. I have […]

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