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Hi, my name is Alex. This is the first in a series of weekly columns I will be bringing to you with the assistance of my friends and associates – all professionals committed to serving the unique long-term care needs of our older family members. I have devoted my professional life to providing meaningful activities for the “70’s plus something” crowd who can no longer make it to the golf course. On a regular basis I will be joined by our D.O.N. And Social Worker, and together we will bring you meaningful topics to enable you to deal with the often burdensome relationship with your ageing parents. From time to time we will be joined by other professional associates, such a geriatric physicians, clergy, dieticians, rehabilitation professionals and estate planners, to name a few.

We certainly hope that this will not become a none-way street. If our effort is to be of value we need your input. Please feel free to write or email us with your questions and suggestions for discussion topics. We certainly hope that this will become a vibrant forum for a discussion of issues which now will increasingly impact not only the boomer generation, but all those who care for them. With these introductory remarks we bring you the first topic. We call it “Elder Shock”, a discussion of the many issues surrounding ageing which will be discussed in this column.