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Rosetta Kenneally

Rosetta Kenneally is a Gates Manor resident who is much loved by everyone who experiences her soft and gentle presence.  Even though Rosetta has spent all but the last few years of her life in Boston, Massachusetts, she quickly adapted to becoming a “Jersey Girl” after she moved here to live with her daughter.  Her readiness to adjust to such a major move comes, no doubt, from her ability to adjust to the present moments of her life as they unfold on a daily basis.  For this reason, Rosetta quickly became involved in the activity programs coordinated by the Activity Department.  Rosetta, who celebrates her 104th birthday this year, is still a very active participant in the activity programs. 

While Rosetta loves life in the “present moment,” she enjoys taking frequent trips down the memory lanes of her life in Boston where she was born, attended school, worked as a secretary, and raised her family.  The regular visits of her son, Bill, and her daughter, Marie, keep her family ties strong.  Rosetta is featured on the front cover of the Gates Manor brochure, given to those who come to inquire about Gates Manor. The staff and volunteers love Rosetta, and her fellow residents love her positive presence which contributes so much to the quality of their lives.  May our loving God bless Rosetta in many wonderful ways, along the members of her family, and all who know and love her!